Anne Arundel County Down Syndrome Connection Thanks Travel Advantage Network

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After raising $1,030 for The Down Syndrome Connection during Down Syndrome Awareness Month (October), Travel Advantage Network received a personal thank you note from the organization itself. The thank you stated that the money donated will “help members in many ways including education, emergency resources, support for new families and more.”

Vickie Hamilton, Staff Accountant/Payroll Administrator at Travel Advantage Network, coordinated October’s charity efforts and held Jeans’ Days throughout the month along with a chili luncheon and a bake sale. Vickie is extremely passionate about this charitable cause for a significant reason.

“My daughter, Allison, who is 17 years old has Down syndrome,” Vickie said. “I became part of this group when she was about seven, and I can really see the impact that we make on the lives of other parents who have children with Down Syndrome.”

A big thank you to all who contributed to this charity!

Travel Advantage Network Helps Neglected Parrots

For the month of July, Travel Advantage Network, a vacation accommodations program, dedicated its charitable efforts to The Icarus Foundation Inc.’s Chesapeake Parrot Sanctuary. This charity raises money to properly care for neglected and abused parrots.

“Birds are considered the third largest group of animals kept as pets in the United States, after cats and dogs; however, the abuse and neglect they face is rarely heard of,” Hannah Mantooth, the B2B Vendor Sales Coordinator and leader of this month’s charity efforts, said. “I wanted to spread awareness, more than anything, about the care, time and dedication these animals require.”

Mantooth worked during the entire month of July to help raise money for the charity holding weekly bingo games, jeans days, “Build Your Own Bird Seed” day and “Tropical Fruit Smoothie Day.” A total of $1,000 was raised for the charity and the money will help the founder, Christine Richter Zotto, and her team care for the parrots. This charity is especially meaningful to Travel Advantage Network since Sunny, our mascot, is a parrot; we want to ensure that his family members are well taken care of.

“It’s important to me to help charities in the area as a way to give back to my community,” Mantooth said. “Animals, including parrots, are high on my list of charitable causes to advocate for.”

A big thank you to Hannah and the Travel Advantage Network employees who helped make this happen!

Spotlight: Charity Navigator

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According to the official website, the mission of this useful resource is to “advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace through intelligent giving.”Their user-friendly website allows donors to search for charities through the website’s search engine or explore lists of charities such as “10 Most Followed Charities” or “10 Charities Worth Watching.”

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Assateague Coastal Trust Thanks Travel Advantage Network

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After donating $1,505 to Assateague Coastal Trust, we received a very kind thank-you letter from Steve Farr, the Development Director of the organization (letter pictured to the right – you can click on the letter to zoom in and read). We are happy to see that our donation will be used immediately to help protect the water quality of the Coastal Bays watershed.

Assateague Coastal Trust was the selected charity for the month of April (Earth month) by The Travel Advantage Network Accounting Department, who also led the fundraisers for this charity.

You can find out more information about the Assateague Coastal Trust charity here.

Thank you to all who donated to this charitable cause!

Travel Advantage Network Assists Individuals with Disabilities

For the month of June, Travel Advantage Network, a vacation accommodations program, dedicated its charitable efforts to Abilities Network. This non-profit organization helps disabled individuals of all ages achieve their personal goals.

To support this charity, employees participated in jeans days along with bingo games. To help spread awareness, Lexi Kowalski, Human Resources Generalist and the leader of this month’s charity, distributed Abilities Network brochures so people could learn more about this opportunity to give back. In total, over $900 was raised toward Abilities Network efforts to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve their personal goals and reach their maximum potential.

“Often, adults with disabilities are left unnoticed after they graduate high school because there are not a lot of programs that assist them directly,” said Kowalski. “Abilities Network works hard to make sure these individuals have the support they need.”

To find out more information about this charity, you can visit the official website here.

Travel Advantage Network Partners with The Doughy Dog

What better way to ring in summer and help those in need than with some good, old-fashioned hot dogs? Yes, you read this right! On June 20, 2014, Travel Advantage Network employees set aside their everyday brown bag lunches and lined up for a delicious meal from The Doughy Dog food truck. The food truck visit marked the beginning of summer for company employees who took advantage of the warm weather and ate their hot dogs outside.

The food truck visit was also part of Travel Advantage Network’s dedication to supporting local charities. The Doughy Dog is a program that the local Anne Arundel House of Hope sponsors. Travel Advantage Network purchased gift certificates that employees could use to purchase a preset combo lunch, including various types of hot dogs, side dishes and soda.

The Doughy Dog is a traveling food truck, and the program allows those who are unemployed to work through a training program and participate in transitional employment. In 2007, the program was created when the Arundel House of Hope worked in conjunction with students at the University of Baltimore’s Social Enterprise to develop a nonprofit program. The Doughy Dog services to the community through catering and special events.

A big thank you to the Anne Arundel House of Hope for partnering with Travel Advantage Network to help make a difference in community and bring some variety to our employee lunches at the same time.

Learn more about The Doughy Dog and how you can help by checking out their official website:

Thank you to Tiffany Bartee for the pictures from this event!

Travel Advantage Network Donates Supplies to Local Homes

Travel Advantage Network, a vacation accommodations program, dedicated its charitable fundraising efforts for the month of May to NAILS, a United Way mission project. This project donates supplies, money and labor to local homes to help homeowners in need. To find out more information about NAILS, you can visit the official website here.

All employees were given the opportunity to buy a nail and have their name written on it for only $1. The nail will be used in the September rebuild trip to Cumberland. Over $700 was raised to go towards this cause. Sara Clauss, a Travel Advantage Network Client Services Coordinator, chose this month’s charity.

“I chose NAILS because I’ve had the opportunity to work with them for the past 2 years through my church,” Clauss said. “They lost a pretty significant grant this year, and I wanted to help however we could.  The homeowners we’ve worked with have been very appreciative of whatever we were able to do to help.”

A big thank you to all those who were involved in this month’s charity! We can’t wait to see what next month’s charity has in store.

BBB Shred Day Event

A big thank you to Travel Advantage Network employees who showed up bright and early on a Saturday morning to support the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Shred Day event. The company had a great turn out and the team was so efficient that people were actually turned away due to the shred trucks being full! This is a great partnership between Travel Advantage Network and BBB to help give back to the community.

Travel Advantage Network Gives Back in a Big Way

Travel Advantage Network, a vacation accommodations program, gave back in a big way in 2013 through a monthly employee charity program. Each month, a Travel Advantage Network employee chooses a charity for the company to support and comes up with creative activities to help raise funds for that cause.

“I am happy to work for a company that allows employees to choose a charity that is close to their heart and supports them in raising funds. Every month, we see true selflessness in our company as employees give of their time and finances,” said Lauren Lombard, Training Coordinator and December 2013 charity sponsor.

In 2013 employee charities included; Cancer FREE Kids, Wounded Warrior Project, Mended Little Hearts, Operation Christmas Child, Emmaus Center, Connor Cares Foundation, Casa Charity, Bella Bully Buddies, Alimayu Ministries, Almost Heaven, 4K4 Cancer, and the ALS Association.

All the hard work and generous giving by Travel Advantage Network truly paid off! In total, employees raised over $15,000 for the local and national charities. Along with the monetary donations, employees also collected six cases of canned goods, 10 bundles of paper products and 142 Christmas boxes for children in need.